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Every generation has it’s “moments.”

In the 70’s, you had the Chia Pet and the Pet Rock.

In the 80s, you had Break Dancing, in the 90s you had Sony Walkmans
and CDs, and in the 2000’s you had the Internet and the iPod,
not to mention the Smartphone.

All of these were “Gold Rush” opportunities.
Timing was the key in any one of these.
There’s no money in Chia Pets anymore, and the CD craze is long

there’s still money in digital music and “DotComs” but not like
there used to be.

If you saw any of these trends coming, and you moved on it before the
masses knew about it, you got very, very rich.  If only we could rewind the
clock knowing what we know now.. right?

What if you knew what the next trend was?

What if you knew how to get in front of it?

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Seriously, there were secretary’s for Microsoft that are millionaires now
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