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Here is my action Report on purchasing KBC crypto gold coins.

Reading this report will not make any sense to you with out viewing

the Website first, I have decided to give you a GOOD REASON – Why

you need to view the website, what benefit will you get and it may

be more interesting for you to take the time and absorb all the details

by knowing – ‘what you can expect’ hope that makes sense.

This is my report:

I mentioned that I placed an Order for KBC crypto coins and here are my results.

I had spent $250 US and here’s what I received:

Ed, Your KBC Altcoins purchase is complete and are held in your secure Karatbit Exchange wallet.

KBC Karatgold Coin 4485.6573232 KBC -[4486 Coins received]

Since, I’ve been lucky to buy the Coins at a great price the coin prices can go up but this is as low as I would expect right nowl

That is another reason to buy right now because the price will rise as sure as God made little green apples. 

Lets do a little calculation:

The July 4th Gold Exchange Value will be approximately 50 cents each 4486 X $.50 =$2243.

If 1 KBC grows in price to equal 1 Unival, your KBC value would be approximately: 4486 X $5 =$22,428.

A Unival is 1/10th of a gram of Gold

The cost of my KBC after all credit card, transfer, deposit and exchange fees was: 5.5 cents, my actual total cost $ 333.00 in Canadain $

_ The KBC coins are sold in lots of 1000.

On July 4/19 1 can trade 100 KBC coins for I gram of Gold, that 

means that my 4486 coins equal to 44 plus grams of gold.

Today, 1 gram of gold is $41.91 US.

A Unival today = $4.19 X 4486 = $18,800 US

Total value today $18,800 – $250 = $18.550.00

approximate gain! WOW!

Just remember BitCoin started @$0.08 and rocketed to $19,900 

and today it is still 1 BitCoin = $5,300.91 US backed by ???

Ours is backed by GOLD! 

See Video Check it out for yourself.


Your best.

Talk soon, Ed

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To get started, you would need to do the following:

  • Decide how much you want to spend.
  • My team will place the order.
  • In approximately 8 days you will receive your order